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Tsiknopempti | Easter Greece

Updated: Feb 6

This custom (meaning Thursday that smells grilled meat) is celebrated on Thursday of the second week of the Greek Carnival. The first week is called Profoni (means pre-announcement), the second is called Kreatini (means eating meat) and the third is called Tyrofagou (means eating cheese).

Tsiknopempti | Easter Greece

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It is actually one of the church traditions, because it flags the last day to eat meat before the Lent, the 40 days until the Easter. The custom is said to be connected with ancient Greek bacchic celebrations for the fertility of lands in the spring.

In some areas, there are some more celebrations apart from meat grills, e.g. in Serres where big fires are lit and people jump over them, or in Komotini where a chicken is being roasted to be eaten after 10 days (Sunday of the Carnival).

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