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Handkerchiefs of Agios Georgios Mandilas Custom | Meteora

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Twice a year, the people of Meteora that know rock-climbing from their ancestors, climb on the rock called 'Agio Pnevma' (i.e. Holly Spirit) and leave hundreds of handkerchiefs.

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This takes place once during the celebration of Agia Triada and once during St. George celebration (2nd Easter day).

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The old skete of Saint George is is a hole in the middle of the rock. Now there are only some ruins and a rock craving of Pantokrator. After the rock-climbing part, the climbers and all other villagers go to the central square of Kastraki village and dance only singing traditional songs, without a band, in the shadow of the rocks of their lives.

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