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Rock of Saint Markella | Chios | A Divine Pilgrimage of Healing Waters and Sacred Legends

Updated: Mar 6


George P. Papadellis | SG Head

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On the picturesque island of Chios, lies a sacred place of great significance - the Rock of Saint Markella. This natural wonder is steeped in a rich history of devotion, sacrifice, and miraculous occurrences. Saint Markella, whose feast day is celebrated on 22nd July, lived during the 14th century in the village of Volissos. Her story, intertwined with her father's tragic downfall, is one of virtue, courage, and unwavering faith. The Rock of Saint Markella bears witness to her profound impact on the community, as believers from around the world flock to this holy site seeking solace, healing, and the touch of the divine.

Rock of Saint Markella | Chios

Devotion and Perseverance

Saint Markella's life was marked by both profound faith and challenging trials. Raised as a devout Christian by her mother, who tragically passed away when Markella was very young, she remained committed to guarding her purity and following the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Despite the challenges, she embraced the teachings of her faith, abstaining, praying, attending church services, and aspiring to become a bride of Christ. Her father, the mayor of Volissos, however, was a pagan, and his heart was filled with an unnatural desire for his daughter. As Markella approached her 18th birthday, she decided to escape from her father's oppressive influence and the threat of an immoral life. Fleeing to the nearby mountains, she sought refuge and solitude.

The Tragic Encounter

Sadly, her father eventually tracked her down, and she ran to the sea in a desperate attempt to escape his clutches. As he drew closer, he aimed an arrow at her, wounding her gravely. The local belief holds that the blood of Saint Markella stained the rocks, and even today, during the festivities on her feast day, her blood becomes visible. Moreover, holy water is said to spring from these very rocks, attesting to the sanctity of the site.

The Miraculous Rock of Saint Markella

The Rock of Saint Markella itself is an awe-inspiring sight. Seemingly having broken off from a mountain and rolled into the sea, it features a small hole on the ocean-facing side, about the size of a finger. This opening acts as a source of healing water, believed to cure all manner of ailments. Pilgrims journey from far and wide to experience the blessings of the sacred waters.

The Divine Presence

Witnessing the commemoration services for Saint Markella, led by a priest, is a profound experience. During this time, the holy sea water in the rock pool is said to boil, symbolizing the presence of the divine. It is believed that for those whose faith is strong, the water in the rock pool will feel unusually warm to the touch, further affirming the miracles that unfold at this sacred site.

A Beacon of Hope

The Rock of Saint Markella in Chios stands as a testament to the indomitable power of faith, the sanctity of sacrifice, and the enduring impact of virtue. Saint Markella's life, marked by devotion and unwavering faith, continues to inspire pilgrims from all corners of the world. As they gather to seek healing and blessings, the miraculous occurrences at this sacred site reaffirm the belief in the divine's presence among us. May the Rock of Saint Markella Chios forever be a beacon of hope, solace, and spiritual transformation for generations to come.


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May 08
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We love Saint Markella!!!


Apr 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Visitors to the island of Chios should take time to travel to Volissos and worship the holy spot of Agia Markella. A one-kilometer footpath that starts from the beach and leads to where the Saint was martyred. The scenic route, the landscape and the incredible energy of the place, combined with the holy pilgrimage, is awe-inspiring and makes you feel emotion and gratitude with every step you take. In the sanctuary there is a small chapel and a spring that gushes hot water. You can combine your visit to Agiasma with a swim at the beach of Agia Markella.


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