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Pamvotida Lake I Ioannina | Eating Eels and Crayfish

Updated: Apr 7

Pamvotida Lake, widely known also as the Lake of Ioannina and dating back to 10,000 BC, is one of the largest lakes in Greece and the largest lake of Ioannina. Its area is a protected Natura 2000 habitat, and it is famous for its eels and crayfish.

Pamvotida Lake

Photo by: iStock.com | CalinStan

Draining to the rivers Kalamas, Louros and Arachthos, and located at 470 m. altitude, close to Mitsikeli mountains, it is surrounded by farmlands and two urban settlements. Ioannina city to the west and Perama town to the north.

Pamvotida Lake Greece

Photo by: Onno Zweers, DSC 9197-lake-pamvotis, CC BY-SA 3.0

The lake has several fishing ports. It also has a boat port, from which boats leave for Ioannina island, where Ali Pasha was hiding during his last days.

The shores of the lake host the fish generative station of the Municipal Enterprise of Lake Ioannina, which produces Greek caviar from sturgeon of Russian origin.The same facilities also produce an average of 100,000 broods, which are exported to fish farms, mainly abroad, as well as various other varieties of freshwater brood to enrich Greek lakes and rivers.

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