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Molyvos Traditional Village | Lesbos

Updated: Jun 9

Molyvos (or Mithymna) is a village on the northern part of Lesvos, just some 6 km north of the popular beach town of Petra, northeast of Eressos village (the village hosting the International Eressos Womens' Festival), north of Plomari and northwest of the city of Mytilini.

Traditional Village Molyvos  |  Lesvos  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: www.shinygreece.com | George P. Papadellis

One of the most known features of the town is the old Genoese fortress on the hill above the city.

Photo by: Rosa-Maria Rinkl, Mithymna-Lesbos, CC BY-SA 4.0

All Molyvos houses (many dated from the late 18th century) are constructed of stone or wood, close to one another, separated by kalderimia (narrow stone-paved roads).

Photo by: CoStef at English Wikipedia, Molyvos - 2005-09-06 - 15, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

The general picture of the village, with the courtyards, the house locations and the balconies, is uniquely beautiful and well-deserving of its protected status.

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