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Lousios Gorge | Arcadia Highlands | Tracing Monasteries

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Lousios is a gorge and also a rapid flowing river in western Arcadia, Peloponnese. The river begins near Lefkochori and flows through the gorge, which is very popular among hikers, emptying into Alfios river. It is deep and narrow, with 15 Km length (around 2 Km wide), much heavily forested with steep cliffs. Lousios Gorge Hiking is unique.

Lousios Gorge Monasteries

Prodromos Monastery | Photo by: ID 178351861 © Charalambos Andronos |

Two towns can be found at the ends of Lousios Gorge Greece. Dimitsana at the north end and the ancient city of Gortys at the south end (there you can visit the temple of Asclepius).

Lousios Gorge

Lousios Gorge | Photo by: Roman Klementschitz, Wien, Lousios2+, CC BY-SA 3.0

Greece's Lousios Gorge Monasteries Hike features the monasteries of Timiou Prodromou, Philosophou, Panagias Kalamiou and Aimyalon, and also several cold-water tobacco and gunpowder production mills.

Lousios river is a 2nd degree of difficulty rafting descent. You can book a rafting tour here.

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