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Alfios River

Updated: Mar 31

Alfios is the longest river in Peloponnese, Greece. The river is 110 Km long, flowing through the regional units of Arcadia and Ilia.

Photo by: iStock.com | Bill_Anastasiou

Alfios is impetuous, transferring materials which create alluviums, and finally land strips and lagoons, such as Mouria and Kaiafas. It is one of the most impressive rafting routes in Greece.

Photo by: anonymous, Karitena3, CC BY-SA 3.0

In Greek mythology, Alfios was one of the rivers that were worshipped like Gods, especially in Ilia, Messinia and Arcadia (the areas it passes through). It was said to be the son of Oceanos and Tithis, and grandson of the Sun. In his fifth Labour, Hercules diverted the water of Alfios and Pinios to clean the manure of the stalls of King Avgias (of Ilia) from his 3.000 oxes.

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