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Climbing Tourism in Greece

Updated: Apr 3

Climbing tourism is an alternative tourism form that includes organized (or not) climbing activities, indoors or outdoors, either on natural fields or on technical structures.

Climbing Tourism  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Hlohning assumed (based on copyright claims)., Kalymnos 2005 022, CC BY-SA 2.5

It is usually done in groups for safety and fun, and it is mostly organized from professional agencies with very experienced guides.

Climbing Tourism  |  Shiny Greece

Image by: iStock.com | fitriyantoandi

Organized Climbing Tourism Activities

Climb Kalymnos and Kalymnos Climbing Festival (or find more for Kalymnos)

Climb Greece

Olympus Climbing (highest mountain of Greece)

Pindos Climbing from Adventure Peaks

Zagoria Climbing - Adventure Peaks (or find more for Zagori)

Monemvasia Climbing Cliffs (or find more for Monemvasia)

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