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Richtis Gorge | Lasithi Crete | A Unique Diversified Hiking Experience

Updated: Apr 17


George Papadellis | SG Head

Richtis is a beautiful gorge at Exo Mouliana, Sitia, Lasithi, Crete Island. The hiking trail (easy to moderate) is about 4 km long. The site has rich vegetation and animal life, and the hikers meet stone bridges and water mills.

Richtis Gorge  |  Shiny Greece

How to Get to the Gorge

The state protected park starts at the traditional village Exo Mouliana, which is located on the national road between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, and ends at Richtis Gorge waterfall and beach, east of the village Kalavros. Waterproof shoes are strongly recommended considering that the stream leading to the Richtis Gorge waterfall has to be crossed numerous times.

Richtis Gorge  |  Shiny Greece

Rich vegetation (mainly platanus, wild berries, local flowers) and animal life (butterflies, small reptiles, birds, small mammals) can be observed along the way, as well as old stone bridges and water mills.

Richtis Gorge Hike

The Richtis Gorge hike is one of the most diversified experiences on Crete Island and Greece. Assuming a slow pace and one stop, the proposed safe and less tiring hiking options are:

Richtis Gorge  |  Shiny Greece

1) Hard: Hike down the gorge and return (hike up) the same way (approx. 5 hrs).

2) Medium: A walk to the beach from the road and a hike up the gorge to the village (approx. 4 hrs).

3) Medium Lazy: 2 cars to the beach - 1 car drive back - hike down the gorge - drive back with 2nd car (approx. 4 hrs).

4) Lazy: 1 car to the beach - hike up the gorge until the waterfall - hike down to the beach - drive back (approx. 2 hrs).

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Apr 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Although it does not rain often, this place is green and always very cool!


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