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Panagiotis Papadellis | Greek Poet

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The Lesbian poet Panagiotis G. Papadellis was born in the small mountainous village of Lesvos, Anemotia.

Photo by: | Athina Liakopoulou

He worked as an agronomist for 35 years, during which he also served the Prefecture of Magnesia as a Councillor for 4 years, the Technical Chamber of Magnesia as a President of the Delegation for 1 ½ years, the Union of Engineers of Magnesia as a President for 2 years, the Volos Orphanage as a President for 2 ½ years and the Port Authority of Volos and North Sporades Islands as a President for 4 ½ years. He wrote his first poem in the age of fourteen. His rich poetry work started in 2001, since then having given birth to one hundred poems and thirty lyrics. He has been awarded in several literacy competitions in Greece and Cyprus with eleven awards.

He is the owner and editor of a very valuable blogspot (my anemotia lesvos) with unique historical data about Lesvos and with a full vocabulary on the local accent of the village Anemotia.

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