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Geotourism in Greece

Updated: Apr 8

Geotourism is the type of tourism that includes activities in geologically interesting zones.

Geotourism  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Dr Peter Tzeferis, ChaosLavrion, CC BY-SA 4.0

Geotourism could be also defined as ecotourism that also focuses on the abiotic environment (apart from flora and fauna). It is a growing type of tourism due to the growth of geoparks but also in areas where the geological environment attracts tourists.

Geotourism  |  Shiny Greece

Image by: iStock.com | runLenarun

Organized Geotourism Activities

Nature Discovery Tours (Kos & Nisyros)

Petrified Forest (find out more about Lesvos)

Miloterranean and Nature Discovery Tours (find out more about Milos)

Nature Discovery Tours (find more about Santorini)

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