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Ano Syros | A Catholic Medieval Settlement of Cyclades

Updated: Jun 15

Ano Syros (or Upper Syros) is one of the two cities of Syros island, a medieval settlement of the late Byzantine era, former administrative center of the island and administratively including also the small islands of Gyaros and Varvarousa.

Close-Up Shot of the Hill - Photo: ID 16620820 © Albertoloyo | The city looks like a fortified citadel, as it is a little city, smaller part of the main one, being the defensive core, the last line of defense, should the enemy breach the other components of the fortification system. It is densely built with narrow roads with a circular order.

A Wider View of Ano Syros - Photo by: Nikolaos Katsaros, Ano Syros Catholic, CC BY-SA 4.0 Ano Syros Greece is inhabited by Catholic Greeks since the 16th century, when French protected them and the catholic religion after the end of Frankokratia. Today it is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syros and Milos.

Ermoupoli City from Ano Syros - Photo by: Nikolaos Katsaros, Ano Syros, CC BY-SA 4.0

Ano Syros is also famous for its cuisine. The most famous Ano Syros restaurants are: "Apanohoritissa", "Fragkosiriani" and "O Lilis".

Ano Syros Map

Ano Syros Map - Source: GoogleMaps

The most interesting attractions of Ano Syros Cyclades are the Capuchin Monastery founded in 1637, the Church of Saint George (at the hill top) founded in 1208 and the museum dedicated to the famous Greek rembetiko composer and singer, Markos Vamvakaris.

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