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Caving Tourism in Greece

Updated: Apr 3

Caving tourism is this type of alternative tourism main goal of which is to explore wild (usually already explored but not set-up with lights, support permanent equipment, etc) cave systems.

Caving Tourism  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Mohd Samsi Sumairi, Inbound3725293471840184, CC BY-SA 4.0

It is a sports-oriented and dangerous alternative tourism form, not practiced by an extended number of tourists worldwide. A sub-form of caving tourism is cave-diving tourism which is undertaken by experienced cavers.

More Info: Wikipedia

Caving Tourism  |  Shiny Greece

Image by: iStock.com | steinar14

Organized Caving Tourism Activities:

#Caving in Parnitha, Attiki by Trekking Hellas

#Caving in Attiki by Athens Extreme Sports

#Caving Tours in Kefalonia by Outdoor Kefalonia

#Caving in Crete by Cretan Adventures

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