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Oia Sunset  |  Shiny Greece

Oia Santorini Sunset  |  Photo: 107526752 © Sven Hansche |

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Seven Things to Know about Greece before Traveling

​Greece is undoubtedly one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Before you continue with our portal and blog to choose a destination for your vacations, take some time to learn seven very important things about Greece:

1) Greece is one of the countries in the world that faced the pandemic of covid-19 in a very good way, with - in relation to its population - not too many cases and victims. However, when you arrive in the country, please respect all safety rules that will be indicated to you. We remain safe for ourselves and our loved ones and at the same time we protect the inhabitants of the destinations who have, in most cases, observed with care and patience the rules of the State in this great global crisis.

2) Greece is one of the safest countries in the world for holidays. However, this does not mean that when we arrive in Greece we forget the safety rules that we have learned in our lives. We do not act naively, we always have our eyes open.

3) In Greece, tipping has no rules and is not mandatory. You can give an amount that you think that the service you received is worth. And try to be always polite with the hard working staff.

4) Reservations for Greece must be made early in order to achieve good prices. The country in normal conditions receives more than 21 million tourists a year, so the idea that something will be found at the last minute has no basis and will lead to a big increase in your budget.

5) Greece has a unique local cuisine. Don't just settle for choriatiki salad, gyros and moussaka. The Greek list is endless. Increase your budget a bit for the special Greek flavors, local recipes and traditional products and you will not regret it!

6) Greece is not only for the summer. It has beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes for autumn and spring, very organized ski resorts for the winter, and unique customs and celebrations at Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

7) Get plenty of sunscreen with you and don't think about not using it for a minute. Use some before leaving the hotel in the morning, on the beach and on the street until nightfall. The natural tan is of course wonderful but the sun in Greece is not joking. You could do some solarium in your country first and come to Greece to complete your tan safely. The sunrays may cause skin cancer if you don't know how to enjoy them.

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George Papadellis; Georgios Papadellis; Γιώργος Παπαδέλλης; Γεώργιος Παπαδέλλης

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Summer Greece  |  Shiny Greece

Blue Caves of Zakynthos Island  |  ID 155767250 © Sven Hansche  |

Greece in Few Words and Numbers...

Greece is the cradle of western civilization and birthplace of its principles and products: democracy, western philosophy, literature, historiography, political science, major scientific & mathematical principles, western drama, and the Olympic Games. Its position in the Europe-Asia-Africa crossroads make it a very important geographical zone. Greece has three main seas, the Aegean, the Ionian and the Cretan, and the longest coastline in the Mediterranean - 11th longest in the world - hosting about 1.000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. The country has a huge historical legacy developed since the 8th century BC, which was spread all over the world throughout its history, especially during the eras of Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire, and also with the help of the Greek Orthodox Church. This is reflected by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among the most worldwide. Greece is a developed country, with an advanced economy and high standards of living, a member of the UN, the European Union, the Eurozone, the Council of Europe, the NATO, the OECD, the WTO and the OSCE.

Knossos Palace  |  Shiny Greece

Knossos Palace Crete  |  ID 100816243 © Vladimir Timofeev  |  

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