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Yachting in Greece

Updated: Apr 8

Yachting is the alternative tourism form that includes sailing or boating. It has several forms such as port-to-port, short boat trips, team sailing fests (like regattas).

Yachting  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Springnuts, Adventurer and Discoverer Alongside - Falmouth - 2016-08-14 10.14.28, CC BY 4.0

Tourist services available at marinas catering to yachting tourists include: 1) Leasing of berths for sailing vessels. 2) Leasing of sailing vessels for holiday and recreational use. 3) Reception, safe-guarding and maintenance of sailing vessels. 4) Provision of stock (water, fuel, supplies, equipment). 5) Preparation and keeping sailing vessels in order. 6) Providing information (weather forecasts, etc.). 7) Leasing of water equipment.

Yachting  |  Shiny Greece

Image by: iStock.com | Bigmouse108

Organized Nautical Tourism Activities

Sporades Sailing

Sailing in the Saronic Gulf

Sailing in the Ionian Islands

Sailing in North Aegean

Sailing in Dodecanese

Sailing in Crete Cyclades Sailing

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