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Climbing in Kalymnos

Updated: Apr 8

Kalymnos was discovered as a climbing destination in 1995-1996 by famous climbers from Greece and Italy.

Climbing in Kalymnos | Best Things to Do in Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | donlucius

In 1997, the first 40 routes were installed, and the story started. An event in October 2000 with 180 climbers from 13 countries of the world established Kalymnos as a climbing tourist destination. After climbing guide was published, there came big festivals. The 2nd in 2004 (600 climbers and opening of new routes). The 3rd in 2006 (1.000 climbers, films, techno party). The 4th in 2009 (300 climbers). The 5th in 2011 and then started the annual North Face Kalymnos Festivals and the Kalymnos Climbing Festivals.

More Info: http://climbkalymnos.com | Go to Kalymnos Page

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