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7 Reasons to Travel | You Only Live Once | Be a Traveler not a Tourist

Updated: Mar 13


George Papadellis | SG Head

Can there be anyone in the world who thinks that travelling is boring? You Only Live Once (YOLO!), think about it! We live on a huge beautiful planet and most people have seen up to 1.000 Km away from their home.

why is traveling important

Balos Beach Crete Greece | Photo by: ID 112754272 © Vitaliy Mateha |

Setting yourself among new landscapes, new experiences and new people recreates your being and redefines the importance of everyday things!

So, the 7 reasons to travel are:

1. It helps you to reduce stress and regain optimism for life.

2. It opens your mind regarding how short life is and what a small unit each one of us is on Earth and in the universe.

Reasons to Travel

Photo by: Wix

3. It fills your mental library with information, helping your mind stay active and providing the juice of happiness (serotonin) at identical level, calming your body and soul.

4. It helps you to get in touch with other cultures and understand how different people are on earth and how all people are humans first of all. It makes you a shiny traveler!

Fisherman in Patmos Greece

5. It guides you to the understanding of yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and your hidden skills.

6. It turns you fearless and tough to deal with “vios” (which means “life” in Greek), and the word “vios” comes from “via” (which in Greek means strength). i.e. it makes you tough to deal with the strength that life needs.

7. It helps you understand the world, and this is crucial to help you behave well to other people and raise next generations to be humble and generous.

Be a Traveler - not a Tourist, prepare suitcases and go!

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Life is a book, those who do not travel have read only first page.


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