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25 Tips About Traveling | We Help you Wander the World Like a Real Expert

Updated: Mar 7


George Papadellis | SG Head

There are many travelers and travel blogs proposing tips about traveling. We have read many of them and we present here the 25 tips that we believe are most relevant and important for anyone to travel like an expert!

Why Travel Tips?

You can definitely not plan for everything. However, keeping some crucial things in mind can make your travels easier.

Tips About Traveling  |  Shiny Greece

Before Traveling

Book Flights Early

When you plan your travels, you should care early about flights. The earliest you book, the cheapest you find. And how far in advance to book flights? If possible, try to plan more than a year before. There is no airline that decreases costs when the flight is closer, so mind to do this the earliest possible. A solution could be SkyScanner.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travelers cannot even imagine an illness, a last minute family work or family issue, a delay, a damage to a rented car to cancel a trip. And how to buy travel insurance? Travel insurance is better to be purchased soon after travel booking, it can be bought either for a single trip or for a travel year, and it requires the traveler to answer some questions regarding the travel and the traveler. You can try MoneySuperMarket to compare travel insurance quotes.

Make a List

The mind of a traveler is usually trained to remember dates, places, names, what not to forget and more. But what if? And if you forget something very crucial? Is there a reason to take this risk? Papers and pencils are still there, but technology is there too. Try “Make-A-List” in Google Play or “Make A List!” in Apple Store.

Make a List  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece

Learn Language

Learning some words of the language of the country-to-visit is simple and clever. All locals in the world like to hear good morning, good night, hello, thank you and you are welcome in a little funny way!! It is so sweet and warm! So, mind to do it and you will see how well it works. You could try Babbel!

Check the Weather

Checking the weather when in preparations is very important for having the correct and sufficient wardrobe to feel well, to shoot correct photos and to hold lighter suitcases. You can try “AccuWeather: Weather Radar” for Google Play or “Weather - The Weather Channel” for Apple Store.

Money Management

Planning on money management is very important to safeguard the success of your travel. It needs budgeting, planning on cash and credit cards, spending with care. Especially money management in offbeat destinations must be done with care and awareness. If you need help, you could try Mint Intuit.

Money Management  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece


Traveling needs money and money equals banks. First, it is wise to let your bank know you are on a travel. This way, if you owe to your bank (who doesn’t?), your bank will keep your card active to be sure that you will get back to pay your debts! And second, mind to apply for a card with zero international transaction fees. Check out some of the best ones.

First Aid Kit

Either ready or hand-made, a first aid kit is so helpful for difficult moments. Dramamine for motion sickness, painkillers, Benadryl for allergies, Imodium for diarrhea, bandages are the basic, and of course each one of us has special needs. You can try LifeSystems for some good solutions.


Hackers are dangerous and everywhere, especially with the evolution of free wi-fi. So, if you think of using a free wi-fi to access your bank, you should better have a cold shower. The solution is VPN, which not only secures from hackers, but it also offers access to all websites and apps in the world (even if blocked by a government) and it allows you to buy with the same terms as if you were home. Try NordVPN!

VPN  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece

Documents Backup

Two things. Carry your important documents in more than one copy and put them also on your mobile phone in digital format. This way, nothing can stop you if you lose any of them.

Clear Phone

Remember missing a great photo because of battery? Now imagine the same because of memory! So, just empty your phone before leaving, and you will not regret this!

Emergency Phone Numbers

All countries have their emergency agencies, answering at 3-digit or 5-digit dials. Police, fire-brigade, ambulances, embassy. Knowing the numbers in advance can save you valuable time in case of emergency.

Luggage Pictures

It sounds too much but imagine having lost your luggage. Writing descriptions does not work, as there is a chance that your texts might disorientate the authorities and make your situation worse. So, take photos of your luggage before you depart and have them with you.

Luggage Pictures  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece

During Traveling

Taxi Prices

It’s simple. Know the taxi prices (Google is always there for you) and ask for taxi prices. Knowledge is power and asking before taking is your agreement. And of course, it’s a global world. Be safe and find a different ride everywhere with Uber.

Ask The Locals for Information

Locals know better the market, the restaurants, the hotels, the top attractions, secret attractions, unique spots. Ask the locals!

Ask the Locals  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece

Let Me Know

It is not bad to share your plans with someone from your family or one or two of your friends. This way you are “virtually” not alone, and someone can easily follow your steps to help in an unpleasant situation.

Share Luggage

Imagine your travel starts and your luggage is lost at the first airport. You love airports, but not this time! Your stress goes max … except if you had predicted to place some items in the luggage of your travel companions! This will save your first days until your luggage is found.

Not All Money and Cards in one Spot

Having your money and cards in several spots (luggage, hand luggage, clothes) will protect you from problems and save your first days until you find any lost luggage, if you lose anything yourself, or if you get robbed.

SIM Card

There is no meaning to discuss if it is or not imperative to have internet everywhere during your travel. It is. But what is the percentage of travelers who have free international data roaming? It is still very low. So, be smart and buy a prepaid SIM card with data when you enter any country.

SIM Card  |  Travel  |  Shiny Greece

Charge Batteries

Did you sleep and forget to charge the batteries of your mobile phone, laptop and camera? OK, your next day is only exploration, away from the digital world. Not bad, but your phone is also safety, not only blogs and social media. And again, power-banks are so cheap now, buy at least 2 and keep them with you.


Traveling is an experience, not a show-off. If you want to become a target for robbery, wear your flashy ones, this is your problem, and also a problem of the local police. If you need to make a photo-shooting for Instagram, keep the jewelry in your bags and use it when necessary.

Exchange Money

Where? At the destination, and preferably at its airport, because in most cases it is cheaper there.

Exchange Money  |  Shiny Greece

Drink Responsibly

Local nightlife is definitely an attraction and a way to relax and have fun. But if you lose control with drinking, it is easy to get lost or end up at the wrong places in the wrong time. Drink less, dance more!

And remember! You have to make your travel memories last forever!!

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