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Agia Paraskevi Village | The Architecture Diamond of Lesbos Island

Updated: Mar 31

Agia Paraskevi village is located in the central part of Lesvos, on the northeast shore of the Bay of Kalloni. The village was named after the Church of Agia Paraskevi, which was found in a cave in one of the highest points of the town.

Agia Paraskevi Village Lesbos

Photo by: www.shinygreece.com | Panagiotis Papadellis

Built over an old pagan temple with a well, drinking the water from this well has been said to have conferred Virgin Mary's protection. The village, known for its old mansions, unique architecture and for its festivals, is becoming a powerful cultural and economic center for the island. Near the village at Klopedi, visitors can see the remains of the ancient Aeolian temple of Napaios Apollo, while Messa, also nearby, boasts the ruins of a big Ionian temple. The oil press of Agia Paraskevi is a complex of stone-built buildings that serves as a characteristic sample of exceptional industrial architecture of the early 20th century (1910) on the island.

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