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Local Economy Excellence of Sirako & Kalarites

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The first economic activities in the area were cattle breeding and agriculture, due to the mountainous landscape. In the 18th century, due to the privileges that people in the area gained from the fact that Sirako became the area's capital town under the orders of an Ottoman Sultan, cattle breeding and agriculture declined being replaced by industry and trade.

Local Economy Excellence | Things to Know about Syrrako and Kalarites Epirus

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The inhabitants started processing cattle raw materials to produce and trade wool off high quality, especially capes for soldiers, sailors and shepherds, which became widely known and exported all over the Mediterranean. At the end of the 18th century, the areas traders had developed a very organized exports' network all over Europe. Many trade houses and brands of clothes started and flourished in Italy. In parallel, poverty turns a part of local people to start learning silversmith, brought from the town of Ioannina. But they become the best, spreading their art in Europe, Small Asia and Egypt. Many trade houses and brands of silversmiths establish in Italy, some of them being world leaders today (Bulgari, Nessi and more).

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