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Lesbos Landscape

Updated: Mar 31

Kizos and Spilanis (2004) distinguish three agricultural landscape zones:

Lesvos Landscape | Top Experiences in Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | StratosGiannikos

i) the grazing lands zone, consisting mainly of barren grazing lands, where deteriorating terraces (due to grazing of sheep and goats) are encountered, along with many animal husbandry constructions (barns, stables, watering ponds) and dry stonewalls; ii) the olive plantation zone, where terraces are the dominant element of a continuous terraced olive groves landscape. Many neglected or collapsing terraces lying on abandoned or cultivated fields are encountered, but there are also some that are maintained very efficiently and professionally; iii) the intermediate zone, with elements of both other zones and where (some maintained, others neglected or collapsing) terraces are a dominant element of the landscape as well.

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