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Greek Domestic Grape Varieties | From the Aegean Elegance to the Dionysian Delights

Updated: Mar 13


George P. Papadellis | SG Head

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Greek domestic grape varieties boast a rich heritage deeply intertwined with the country's ancient winemaking traditions. With a history spanning thousands of years, Greece stands as one of the oldest viticultural regions in the world. From the sun-drenched islands to the verdant mainland, Greece's diverse landscapes have nurtured an impressive array of grape varieties, each with its unique character and story. Professor Katerina Biniari (Laboratory of Viticulture, Agricultural University of Athens) has stated in her presentation "Domestic Varieties of the Greek Vineyard" that Greece has 550 Greek domestic grape varieties (including varieties of same type, name and other characteristics). In this article, we embark on a delightful oenological journey, exploring some of the most notable Greek domestic grape varieties, their distinctive attributes, and the regions where they flourish.

Greek Domestic Grape Varieties  |  Shiny Greece

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Greek Grape

The National Interprofessional Organization of Vine & Wine has stated that Greek wine-producing domestic vine varieties of Greece are a treasure and they are the reason for the differentiation and uniqueness of Greek wines. Greece is one of the most multi-varietal wine producing countries and the Greek vineyard is one of the richest in the world. Greece does not depend on 4-5 varieties, but on hundreds, being part of the old wine world (Europe) but adopting also practices of the new world (America, Africa, Oceania).

Some of the Greek Domestic Grape Varieties are:


The Pristine Elegance of Santorini

Nestled on the volcanic island of Santorini, Assyrtiko thrives in a unique terroir shaped by volcanic soil, strong winds, and scorching sunlight. Known for its bright acidity, mineral-driven profile, and saline undertones, Assyrtiko produces outstanding dry white wines that capture the essence of the Aegean Sea.


The Jewel of Nemea

Hailing from the Peloponnese region, Agiorgitiko reigns as one of Greece's most esteemed red grape varieties. Its medium to full-bodied wines exhibit a velvety texture, vibrant red fruit flavors, and a captivating aromatic complexity. Nemea, the prime region for Agiorgitiko cultivation, delivers stunning expressions of this versatile grape.

Agiorgitiko Grape Variety

Agiorgitiko Grape Variety | Photo by: Elisavetch at Greek Wikipedia, Agiorgitiko, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


The Greek Nebbiolo

Often compared to Italy's Nebbiolo, Xinomavro displays a unique character of its own. Thriving in the Macedonian region of Naoussa, Xinomavro wines boast high acidity, firm tannins, and complex flavors of dark fruits, herbs, and earthy undertones. With age, they develop exceptional elegance and depth.


The Aromatic Treasure of Mantinia

Hailing from the high-altitude vineyards of Mantinia in the Peloponnese, Moschofilero presents an enticing aromatic profile reminiscent of roses and citrus blossoms. This captivating white grape variety produces wines with a crisp acidity, refreshing palate, and an enchanting floral character, making it a favorite among wine lovers seeking aromatic delights.

Moschofilero Grape Variety

Moschofilero Grape Variety | Photo by: Elisavetch at Greek Wikipedia, Moschofilero, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


A Revival of Ancient Aromas

Thought to be extinct, Malagousia made a remarkable comeback in the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of Greek winemakers. Exhibiting a complex aromatic profile of tropical fruits, citrus, and flowers, Malagousia thrives in Macedonia and Central Greece, delivering exquisite white wines that marry tradition with innovation.


The Quintessential Greek White

Rhoditis, a native grape variety widely cultivated throughout Greece, stands as a versatile workhorse of Greek winemaking. Producing both dry and sweet wines, Rhoditis displays crisp acidity, delicate fruit flavors, and a subtle herbal character. This beloved variety is cherished for its refreshing and approachable nature.

Leaves of Rhoditis Grape Variety

Leaves of Rhoditis Grape Variety | Photo by: Marianne Casamance, Rhoditis - leaves, CC BY-SA 4.0


A Sweet Delight from the Peloponnese

Hailing from the Peloponnese region, Mavrodaphne grapes yield luscious fortified wines that embody the essence of Greece's long winemaking history. With their deep ruby color, rich flavors of dried fruits, spices, and caramel, Mavrodaphne wines offer a delightful sweetness balanced by a touch of acidity.


Ancient Varietal of Lemnos Island

Dating back to antiquity, Limnio is an indigenous red grape variety that finds its home on the picturesque island of Lemnos. Renowned for its rustic charm, Limnio wines display a medium body, vibrant acidity, and red fruit flavors, often accompanied by earthy and herbal nuances.


The Backbone of Retsina

Savatiano, an ancient white grape variety prevalent in Athens (Attiki), plays a pivotal role in Greece's unique Retsina production. Known for its high yields and resilience, Savatiano brings forth wines with a moderate acidity, subtle fruitiness, and distinct resinous notes, lending Retsina its characteristic appeal.

Savatiano Grape Variety

Savatiano Grape Variety | Photo by: PNP, Savatiano, CC BY-SA 4.0

Muscat of Alexandria

An Ancient Mediterranean Favorite

As one of the oldest grape varieties in the world, Muscat of Alexandria thrives in various Mediterranean countries, including Greece. Its luscious grapes produce aromatic wines bursting with floral and fruity aromas, accompanied by a delightful sweetness that delights the senses.

The Essence of Heritage

Greek domestic grape varieties embody the essence of Greece's winemaking heritage, offering a diverse range of flavors, aromas, and textures that captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide. From the volcanic soils of Santorini to the lush vineyards of Nemea and beyond, each region reveals its unique terroir through the expressions of these remarkable grape varieties. Whether it's the crisp elegance of Assyrtiko, the boldness of Agiorgitiko, or the captivating aromatics of Moschofilero, Greek wines invite us to indulge in the splendor of their ancient traditions and contemporary innovations. As you embark on your wine journey, explore the treasures hidden within Greek domestic grape varieties, and savor the magic they hold. Raise a glass and toast to the rich tapestry of flavors, the heritage of millennia, and the enduring spirit of Greek winemaking.

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