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Graviera Agrafon Cheese | The Aromas and Flavours of the Agrafa Mountains' Grass

Updated: Feb 27


George Papadellis | SG Head

Graviera Agrafon (or Graviere Agrafon or Gravière Agrafon) is a 1996 PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) hard table cheese produced traditionally in the area of Agrafa (both in Karditsa of Thessaly and Evrytania of Sterea Ellada), considered as the ultimate graviera cheese in Greece. The first Graviera Agrafon was produced by the agronomist Raynold Dimitriadis with the name “Cheese of Agrafa”, as an attempt to copy the Gruyere cheese of Switzerland (Gruyere Suisse or Gruyere Switzerland or Gruyere Swiss) in Greece, although with sheep milk (and not cow milk).


Photo by: | Athina Liakopoulou

Product Characteristics

Made in the mountainous volume of Agrafa with the cold climate, this Graviera has all the aromas and flavors of mountain grass. It is made from local sheep's milk or mixtures thereof with goat's milk, which does not exceed 30% by weight, matured for more than 6 months. It has a hard texture, maximum 38% humidity, white-yellow color, some holes and cracks, and comes in cylindrical heads with tough and dry skin. Its taste is pleasant, rich, sweet and slightly salty and acid. The taste of this Graviera Cheese reminds the Cretan Graviera, but it has a different pleasant sweetness. It is enjoyed as a table cheese on its own or accompanied by bread and fruit. It can be used in cooking, considering the fact that it does not crust when melted and baked and it fits with dry white wine in oak barrel.

PDO Conditions

The PDO awarding and label for Graviera Agrafon means that the specific gruyere cheese has its origins in Agrafa, all its production is taking place in the area and its characteristics and quality are a result of the area’s conditions and specifications.

Nutritional Value

Graviera Agrafon is high in protein and calcium and low in salt and lactose. It is a good choice for daily low consumption, as it is a high-fat cheese. It has vitamin A and vitamin D, as well as B vitamins.

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This cheese is unique and rare!


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