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Graviera Agrafon | A Magnificent Central Greece Cheese

Updated: Mar 31

Graviera Agrafon is a PDO hard table cheese produced traditionally in the Agrafa area, Karditsa, Thessaly.


Photo by: www.shinygreece.com | Athina Liakopoulou

It is one of the most favorite gravieras in Greece. Made in the mountainous volume of Agrafa with the cold climate, it has all the aromas and flavors of mountain grass. It is made from sheep's milk or mixtures thereof with goat's milk, which does not exceed 30% by weight. It has a hard texture, white-yellow color and comes in cylindrical heads. Its taste is pleasant, rich, sweet and slightly salty. It is enjoyed as a table cheese on its own or accompanied by bread and fruit. It can be used in cooking, taking into account the fact that it does not crust when melted and baked.


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