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Dionysis Simopoulos | Greek Scientist

Dionysis Simopoulos [born in 1943] is a Greek physicist and astronomer who excelled as an astronomy educator and science promoter in the position of the Eugenidis Planetarium's director emeritus.

Photo title: Dionysios P. Simopoulos, Eugenides Planetarium Director in 2005  |  Photo by: multiple, EugenFound-041, CC BY-SA 1.0

In 2012, he was honored by the Hellenic Physics Society (EEF) with a special lifetime achievement award and at the 2015 annual festive session of the Academy of Athens, he received the Academy's Science Award “for his overall contribution to the popularization and dissemination of astronomy and the exemplary operation of the Eugenides Planetarium”. He has served as: President of the European Association for Astronomy Education (1994–2002), Member of the Executive Council of the International Planetarium Society (1978–2008), Secretary General of the European-Mediterranean Planetarium Association (1976–2008).

He has received the highest honor (IPS Service Award) from the International Planetarium Society for his contribution to the international astronomy education, and also the honor of the Palmes Académiques of the French Republic.

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